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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
June 29, 2020


It’s almost Independence Day, and for Americans, the 4th of July brings up images of picnics and fireworks, fairs, and homemade ice cream. Celebrations also bring to mind the sacrifices of those revolutionaries who risked everything for freedom.

Pursuit of Freedom

Those revolutionists were the earliest Americans, who wanted freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and representation in the government that ruled them. Many of the first Americans were entrepreneurs, running large farms or selling goods, and they wanted freedom from burdensome taxes and the heavy hand of the British.

Today, that freedom to own and run your own business is still as valuable as it was in the 1700s. When you compare it with non-capitalist, non-democratic systems, where the government determines your income based on your need, rather than your education, skills, and effort, freedom begins to shine even brighter.

Irina V. Andreasen

A Private Wealth Manager at Andreasen Financial, LLC, spent her childhood in her native Russia, where Karl Marx’s theory dictated the jobs and income of her well-educated parents in a country where every enterprise is owned by the state.

Now, Andreasen is an American entrepreneur and says, “My definition of an American dream is absolute autonomy that comes from owning your business — the freedom to work as hard as you need to for your company or vision to succeed, to be compensated for your hard work, to give back to the community you are a part of, and to model your work style based on your lifestyle.”

It’s All About Freedom

While entrepreneurs often start a business with thoughts of earning more or using their leadership skills, the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal found in a global survey that independence was the most common factor driving people to start their own business.

Another survey by the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development found that 44% of all entrepreneurs listed the freedom to be your own boss as an advantage of starting a business.

Entrepreneurship Provides the Freedom to Earn

Part of the independence that comes with owning your business is not just related to how you manage your free time. Besides adding a lot of flexibility to your schedule, starting a business allows you to potentially increase your income.

Much has been written about the connection between happiness and money, and it appears that while the jury is still out on exactly at what point you’ll reach a happiness plateau, the freedom to impact your income comes with its own happiness.

You have the freedom to pursue broader income potential with a strategic marketing plan and by pursuing new ways to connect with your audiences. Whether happiness happens at $75,000 or $500,000 you have the freedom to pursue it. It’s the American Dream.

The freedom to grow your business is yours. To learn about how DirectMail.io can equip your company with effortless automated marketing for measurable growth, get started today.

Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
June 29, 2020