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by DirectMail.io
May 20, 2020

Marketers tend to be your outside-the-box, zany brainstormers who come up with creative ways to tell a story, showcase a brand, and communicate volumes in just a few words.

However, they don’t tend to be is numbers-focused analysts, happy to hole up in a cubicle with a ream of reports.

And yet, according to survey results from BlueVenn, today’s marketers are spending up to 80% of their time analyzing data.

The report, which included more than 200 marketers from the U.K. and the U.S., found that while only one in five are equipped with the right tools, 99.5% are tasked with analyzing their own data.

Nobody will argue that the data isn’t valuable; it provides important insights into customer preferences and behaviors, allowing marketers to tailor their messages and offerings to create a customer experience that is both personalized and ever-improving.

The problem is that so many marketers, while willing to dive deep into analysis in order to attract and keep customers, find that it forces them to ignore other important parts of their roles. When marketers are huddled over reports for most of their day, it leaves little time for creative tasks, which is where they tend to shine.

Ready to Free Your Marketers?

With DirectMail.io, you’ll see a better return on your investment when artificial intelligence is integrated into your direct mail campaigns to fuel predictive analytics. This happens through the analysis of millions of data points to isolate trends and help you predict how to match the best products to the right audience.

Each piece is tracked in DirectMail.io from the initial postal delivery, to the customer response, and finally to their car purchase. As they move through the process, your customer enjoys a consistent experience with your brand.

Meanwhile, DirectMail.io is optimizing these leads as they visit your landing pages, capturing their email address, mobile number, in-the-market scores, credit scores, and more. 

This information allows you to connect with your leads via sophisticated reminders through email, voice and SMS, so that you are counting more closed sales. There’s also a full integration with your CRM and a call center for assistance.

Take a look at some of the key benefits you’ll see in specific areas:


DirectMail.io offers an integration with Amazon Alexa, creating new opportunities in your marketing efforts. Designed specifically for DirectMail.io clients, this is pioneering of new technology for targeted marketing efforts.


All of your inbound and outbound SMS messages are channeled through DirectMail.io, so that marketing outreaches transition directly into one-on-one conversations with potential customers. While other marketing tools may offer SMS, DirectMail.io is the only SMS provider for mass marketing approved for TCPA Compliance because of its unique scalable infrastructure. Other tools may be either compliant but not scalable, or scalable but not compliant. For DirectMail.io clients, there are no limits to SMS capabilities.

Facebook Integration


With DirectMail.io, you can create and deploy Facebook ads using customer lists as well as matched audiences in order to boost your social media marketing reach. The effect is a continuous feed of relevant ads to customers that receive a marketing message through other channels.

DirectMail.io has tied Facebook's Messenger tool to our engagement dashboard so that you or your sales team can communicate with Messenger responders directly from the platform, updating contact information as they go.

Want to know more about how DirectMail.io makes the most of your marketing budget through targeted campaigns? More than 11 thousand campaigns and one billion pieces of auto direct mail have been printed and mailed using DirectMail.io. Contact us today to get started.


by DirectMail.io
May 20, 2020